Great Flood!

GREAT FLOOD! That big snow that we had a week, and a half ago has melted away in the sudden warm and rainy weather that we have been getting for the last four days. Now there is no snow, but instead a river that is about to rise above the levy! I went down to the river to check it out earlier tonight, and couldn’t drive down certain low level roads because they were flooded. I was amazed when I pulled over by the Linden Ave Bridge, and walked to the edge of the new river bank to see that the water has come in about 50-100 feet! As of now, it’s still raining. If it keeps on raining the levy is gonna break. All I can say is thank god I live at a safe elevation from the river!

After I got back, I started messing around with my site over at I think I’m really going to make them my bitch when it comes time to promote this new CD. I’m gonna have vutdevuk banner ads all over that damn site! I like their ideas as far as the way in which they showcase their artists. Hopefully they get a lot of regular visitors. I’ve been seeing the strangest things lately…. Somehow the word “vutdevuk” has ended up on a bunch of encyclopedia web sites, which freaked me out at first until I saw that their definition of the word was about me, and the music. It’s actually like an indirect advertisement for my music, and web site, because these sites also leave a link right to my official site. It’s crazy! I make up a word, and it ends up in an encyclopedia!?!?!?! I even saw the word “Vutdevuk” in an on-line Webster’s Dictionary! STRANGE! I just want to thank the cool nerds for promoting my music in the most strangest of places! super pafoondow on the early eve of you day

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