I Just Have To Make It!

Damn! I’ve really got to quit my job soon! I’m not going to give any details, but I’ll tell you that it just keeps getting worse! I was thinking today that all I need to do is sell 4 CDs a day on average, and I would match my income that I bring in from work (if that gives you any idea on how much them bastards pay me!) I’ve also got to stop staying up till six in the morning every fucking night! It’s really starting to hurt when it’s time to wake up! I’ve just been putting alot of extra work in on finishing the new, CD, as well as promoting it, and redesigning the website! If I have to keep staying up like this just to get the music out there then, that is what I will do. I want to make a living at playing music so bad that I can taste it! One of my new years resolutions was that I would try to cut out all of the distractions, and start spending all my extra money on promoting the Vutdevuk music!

I still wish that the record labels could be a little more open minded, and less greedy! I’m still bitter over my experience with Taxi (A&R submission company). They ripped my music to shreds! Here on one side, I have all these people asking me why haven’t I found a recording contract yet, and then on the other side I had Taxi (who I thought would help me find a deal), and they would shoot down every song that I sent in! My songwriting was too much outside of the conventional box for them. Silly me, to ever think that a major label would gamble with an artist like me who doesn’t submit, and conform to playing mindless commercial jingles. It’s not about art anymore, to them their so called artists are just a product, a commodity. Hell, It’s mostly about how good you look!

You don’t even have to play an instrument, write songs, or sing too well (I won’t name any names, you know who you are!) I just hope that these CEOs of all the major labels enjoy their life of over excess, and glut, and may they never take a moment of their lifestyle for granted! I also keep getting depressed when I look at the ever growing number of independent artists everywhere. I ask myself, “How can I stand out among this sea of artists that are all trying to be heard???” I start to feel a little better when I think about the fact that I am one of the few (among the many artists in this noisy sea) that has the ability, and access to making music videos. Now, how to get the Trojan Horse through the castle wall of the closed minded media monster??? Goodnight to my dying world

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