Promotional Music Videos

DAMN! I got suckered into working today on my day off! FUCK! Why didn’t I make up an excuse! As if I didn’t enjoy that place enough! Luckily I didn’t have to be there too long today, which was good. After I got back I finished the first round of editing for the Eight Years video, and once that renders, I will take that video, and mix it with some secondary footage, to give it depth, and then it will be mastered. Once mastered, I will burn copies to DVD, and it will go out with a half ass press kit to Fuse, and MTV (maybe vh1 too).

I also would like to take some back catalog videos, and assemble some kind of 30 minute show to send out to all the near by public access stations, I figure any exposure I can get will be effective in some way or another. I’ve been burning it up across internet, creating accounts with sites that showcase indie artists (etc.). I’ve got a pretty good budget going on for promotions, so I want to equally distribute the funds into various forms, to cover more ground. Right now, I am living my life solely to promote the Vutdevuk! Good night! Vuk off!

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