Work Sucks!

Work sucked as usual! Everyday brings yet another new reason for me to leave that shit hole! Tonight after I got back, I started in on redesigning the vutdevuk online store page. I was happy that it didn’t take a million years to fix (like the others!) After that I wanted to find some more sites where I can promote my stuff, but ended up finding a really cool site ( and decided to give them a try. It’s seriously time to step to the next level as far as Vutdevuk is concerned, and what better way to take that step; to have a professional company work for me to get my music onto internet radio stations, and other publications of the like! I want to make a living at BEING Vutdevuk so bad that I can taste it! what does it taste like??? A big Ron’s pizza ha ha aha!

The firm that MusicSubmit works with which does the press releases for indie artists has some well known clients of their own, which was real impressive! The client that excited me the most (besides George Clinton) was Gail Ann Dorsey who played bass on my favorite Tears for Fears LP. She’s a badass on the bass! Later I was junking out on and for shits and giggles, decided to look up (through their friend finder) Shirley Manson. I am a little skeptical whether it is her or not, but I checked some of her groups that she belongs to and it seems that it could be her. I went and joined all of the same groups just so she would see my profile pic. I also tried to add her as a friend, but I await her approval. What can I say, I’m a true die hard Garbage / Shirley Manson fan!!!

Man! This six ‘o’ clock in the morning shit has got to stop! I got things to do tomorrow before work!
“I stare at the walls endlessly. Wondering the next time……..SLEEP” –sea window (vutdevuk)

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