Get Out of My Kitchen!

Woke up too late once again!!! I swear, it’s sad when I can sleep through my alarm clock! Checked my email this morning (actually, what you call afternoon!) and saw that Shirley had replied to my email. She approved me for adding her as a friend @ myspace! I would be over the moon if I could know for sure that it is her! My day at work was really strange! See usually at most you would have up to five people in my kitchen, but today there was a presentation for our menu change, and so the area director had all these managers from a million other stores blocking off my access to anything! There had to of been 35 people back there! I couldn’t do anything for the first hour!

Later on after work, I was over at my space looking at Shirley’s profile, and noticed that she added me as a friend! I was feeling all down and depressed, but then that made it better. I just want to believe that it was her that wrote me that short email this morning. Anyway, it’s late, and not much happened today, or this week for that matter, so I will sign off for now! Who am I fooling no one is reading this stuff! Goodnight to myself.

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