Myspace Crack

(Jan 15th) I swear, is already becoming like crack to me!!!! I keep joining more groups, and making more friends in the hopes of finding new fans. After work, a friend named Doug was having some trouble with the old lady, so I let him crash at my place. Travis stopped by, and we all surfed across myspace looking at girl’s profiles! I also got the chance to introduce Doug to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force which he liked very much. one more day of work to go before I am off again :o)

(Jan 16th) Got through work quick and easy! Got home, and didn’t feel like mastering the video for “eight years” so what did I do? I vegged out once again over at! I must have joined something like 400 groups tonight! I didn’t believe them when they said that is like internet crack, but it’s true!!! I NEED HELP! Quick! some one unplug the cable line ha ha ha haha hah ha ha ha ahhaha!

Just two more days (actually not even that many) until the new CD becomes available. I wonder if I’ve generated enough buzz in time over the new CD. I have been running ads everywhere!!! (well mainly at Got to go to sleep for now…

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