Turmoil Eve!

It’s turmoil eve day!!!!! I’m off work today so I’m trying to get as many copies of the new CD rolled off as I can! I found a great way to speed up the process of manufacturing, and duplication so BRING IT ON! I’m really not expecting to sell too many because I don’t have a big time budget to spend like the other guys do, so that’s why I use myspace! Britney Spears added me as one of her friends over there today> Hmmmm……Wonder if it’s really her? Nah, it’s probably some 62 year old guy in Texas saying “look at all you stupid bastards!!” ha ha aha!

Travis came over for a while. He was really bummed about his truck being so fucked up. I told him the best way he could cheer up is to go eat a Chipotle burrito, so off we went! After we got back he played video games and I spammed myspace users with my new flash windows that say “thanks for adding me” followed by a quick plug for the new CD. I know….I suck! After Travis left I decided to get the eight years video mastered, and copied to DVD so I can send it off to Underground Music Television. It’s so exciting!!! Manhattan here I come!!

Well, I gotta go to my 2:00 internet anonymous meeting! C U L8ER masterb8er!

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