Has Been Poached!

I would like to send a big thanks to for letting domain poachers have the first crack at registering my domain name Feel free to send your kind words concerning this incredible dick move! I can’t be blamed as I’ve been checking the domain availability every day around the clock so that I could re-register it to my wordpress account. This is how I know they let the poachers have the first crack at it. I guess I should have paid the first ransom to bravenet to have the domain transferred.

Seeing as I’m the world’s most unknown recording artist, I’m not going to bother with paying the ransom to the poachers. After all, I didn’t need a,, to discover those artists (not that they even own those domains). For the foreseeable future my official site will be here at: so be sure to update your bookmarks. I do not want to start any gofundmes or shmoshmundshmes in order to get up the ransom as I refuse to fill the coffers of any price gouging cyber thugs.

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