Remastering The 90s Tapes!

Howdy Kiddies!  I’ve begun to remaster the 90s tapes, and so far the sound is way better than it was the first time around!  I’m also going to change the running order to be chronological across all 3 volumes.  After I had put out the first volume of the 90s tapes back in 2011, I didn’t expect there to be any other tapes surfacing.  But of course once I did, other stuff started surfacing and so I ended up with three volumes not in chronological order!   Now that I’m sure I’ve got everything that can be gotten, I’m going to go ahead and put everything back out remastered and in the right order.

This is how the volumes will be arranged:  Volume 1 / 1993 – 1995, Volume 2 / 1996 – 1997, Volume 3 / 1997 – 1999.  Yeah I was at my busiest in 1997!   I don’t feel like I have momentum lately when it comes to working on new stuff, so it looks like 2018 might be a year for remixing and remastering.  I’ve already got a few things (besides this project) on the board for me to tackle.  Welps, I can’t think of anything else to say about this so see ya on the flip-side!

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