Guess I’ll Make it a Good’n…


Original Post Text: I think I have finally settled on a setlist that I can be happy with now and forever!  The new and improved album cover isn’t looking half bad either.  After some further examination I have decided to bring back more elements from the recently decommissioned prisoner of time album for your listening pleasure!  I still don’t want to bring back the album concept completely, as I’ve already resigned to dropping enough songs which held the whole thing together conceptually.  If I’m going to make one last attempt, I’d like things to not be totally dark 🙂

So with that, the new album is still going to be called “Forever” which is short for “Enjoy the Reruns Forever” or “I Can’t Do This Forever”.  The setlist that I finally settled on will be:

01. For You
02. Bright New Day
03. The Final Truth
04. Failing Upwards
05. The Other Game
06. Ice Angel
07. I Can’t Do This Forever
08. Static Delay
09. Fade Away
10. In the House of Eternity

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