UnGoogling My Life Once and For All!!!

LET THE HISTORICAL RECORD SHOW that if I “made it” it wasn’t with the help of Google / Youtube!!! In fact it will have been in spite of their efforts to shadow ban my channels, and to limit connection speeds to my official site via the chrome app.

Before we continue I want to preface by saying that I don’t believe these things are being done solely to me like some paranoid raving lunatic. It’s my own personal theory that googtube is doing this to most, if not all of it’s undesirables as an effective method of demotivation. After all, it would be too obvious if they just took away one’s ability to upload altogether in their push to make things more a one way thing like television.

Here is a list of Crimes committed by the Googtube Monster against Brady Arnold:

SHADOW BANNING / REMOVAL OF LEGIT SUBS: The first abuse of Googtube that I want to cover is the recent shadow banning of my main music channel. For a month now I’ve been watching the occasional subscriber come in which will bump the sub count up to 48. Then like clockwork the subcount goes back down to 47 within a couple of hours and that’s where it generally stays. Even in instances where I run outside promos and get multiple people subscribing as a result, the subcount always goes back down to: you guessed it, 47 within a day or two. Now I’m not saying this is absolute proof of anything, but if it walks like a duck, you know, you get the idea.

As you can imagine something like this happening to a project that you’re passionate about can really be a punch in the gut where motivation is concerned, and that’s exactly where I’m at right now. What’s the point in sharing my work on a site that can just ban it at any time? Better still what’s the point in using my work to contribute to the continued success and bloating of an already out of control virtual monopoly! If anything I feel I need to be pulling out and contributing elsewhere in order to help their competition, if there’s still such a thing that is.

USING CHROME APP TO LIMIT SITE CONNECTIONS: The second abuse of the Googtube monster that I want to cover would be that I caught them red handed using their Chrome app as a means to slow down load times on my music site! Over the summer I began to notice during testing that my site was loading painfully slow but only in Google Chrome. Now I wanna be clear that Chrome itself was not running slow (because I used it regularly up to this point), but rather just my site! Despite all the cache clearing and browser updating this kept going for more than a month until finally I decided to screen-cap a side by side comparison with the other major browsers. Boy was I in for a shock!

What can be seen in the related video is a series of the same web pages being clicked on in real time, and all loading fresh non cached copies of my site. Google Chrome in the top left corner already received it’s most recent updates so you can’t argue that maybe the browser needs to be restarted and updated, no no. Like I said this has been happening consistently for a month now regardless of the browser conditions. Now I know it’s not popular these days to make conspiracy theories lest you’ll be criticized for thinking, but what else can this be? I’m going to call a spade a spade and say that this looks like some intentional handbraking of bandwidth via the installed chrome app! Youtube doesn’t run this slow on Chrome…. Neither does facebook, instagram, amazon, or any other of the big sites. Can’t argue that it’s a problem with my site or the host because once again, look at the results. All other browsers finished the same load task 4 times faster than Chrome.

UNLINKING CONTENT ID PROTECTION: The third abuse of the Googtube monster that I want to cover would be the unlinking of content ID protection from a large number of titles that I submitted to that very database! In fact I paid a steep distribution cost to submit a huge amount of my instrumental recordings to the content ID database solely for the purpose protecting myself from anyone freely using these assets in their youtube videos royalty free. This isn’t some exceptional move, and in fact it usually comes standard with your typical digital distribution of music nowadays. As for me, all the titles of mine that youtube has unlinked are now wide open for anyone to freely use in their youtube videos with no artist royalties paid back to me, and not even so much as an artist credit which is also another feature integrated into the content ID system. Music by Mr Shadow, good luck finding that guy! Thanks youtube! Good to know you have my back once again!

UNABLE TO CHANGE BADLY FRAMED KNOWLEDGE PANEL: The last abuse of the the Googtube monster that I want to cover would be my dreaded “Knowledge Panel” that they refuse to let me edit. Recently I decided to “Claim my Knowledge Panel” because for some reason they decided to feature my worst song first, and I was really wanting to change that! I followed every one of their rules to the letter, submitting all the proper documents and proof that they require only to be met with denial after denial. Each time in their denial letters they would outright lie claiming that I didn’t submit proof of having administrative access to any of the links featured on the same page of search results as the knowledge panel.

Really Google? You really wanna go there? What about this screenshot here that proves I have administrative privileges over one of the highest ranked search results that falls on the same page of results as my knowledge panel. How about this one, same deal as before. This proves that not only is Google bending their own rules, they are outright lying in some cases in order to prevent me from changing my own knowledge panel! Absolutely frustrating that they won’t even let the little guy have the smallest of victories within their domain.

After all of this, I decided a week ago to UnGoogle my life completely, and it’s actually been rather easy to uninstall all of their apps, reroute all accounts to non-Gmail email addresses and to remove their links from my websites that I run.

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