Anti​-​Human (2014)

Track List:

  1. Gulfsong
  2. Passing Signs
  3. Adventures at Sea
  4. Old
  5. Catching Angels
  6. Restless Spirits
  7. Question Mark
  8. Chant
  9. Endless Dream
  10. Nevermore

Summer 2001: On my days off of working at the restaurant, I would be stuck in the apartment with nothing to do. All I had were my guitars and little more at that time so I began to write songs. After losing my job at the end of the USU sessions (just two months earlier) I ended up selling most of the gear which that album was recorded on. As you can imagine I was not happy about this and so the songs I was writing came out more aggressive! I think the aggression was also a product of having just recorded a mild pop rock album, so this was my way of kicking things up a bit!

By the end of November 2001 I was already finished with all the songs and putting the demos down on the PC version of Music Generator. Finally in March of 2002 I bought a Korg D12 recorder and was able to start recording tracks for the new album. By this time the songs were well rehearsed and easy to put down. Recording sessions would go on through September 2002, and mixing mastering would be finished some time before the end of November 2002. The original version of Anti-Human was originally released under the artist name “Universe” on Friday December the 13th 2002.

Not long after putting this album out, I realized that the sound quality was really bad and was super bummed about it! I didn’t understand the concept of proper mix monitoring with actual flat eq speakers and tried to mix the thing on old speakers which were sitting on the floor. By the time I was willing to face the issue I was already off and working on Ice Age in early 2003. There was an attempt in late 2005 to remix and remaster the original version. Unfortunately this version was also cursed with an issue of asymmetrical phase waveforms caused by the lack of good sound processing. This created volume dropouts and abrasive tones throughout the album.

In late 2014 after getting back up to speed with doing two years of new recordings and remakes I decided to do a remake of the original Anti-Human album. Some of the tracks like “Gulfsong” “Old” and “Adventures at Sea” would incorporate elements from the original versions. Even better was the fact that I still had the original multitrack from “Passing Signs” which I did a new mix of, as well as synching up elements from the 2000 demo version for an enriched sound. Recording, mixing, and mastering would commence through November and December of 2014.

Original tracks from 2001 / 2002 recorded in Tarpon Springs Florida, and Pinellas Park Florida. Remake tracks from 2014 were recorded in Miamisburg Ohio at Randall’s Funhouse.

The album cover was created by taking photos of the television while pausing videos of my face on some choice frames. The photos were then developed, cut out, shrunk down, and color copied as the original CD cover. Source videos were shot in 1999 and 2001.

released December 30, 2014