Autumn Fires (2016)

Track List:

  1. The Happenings of October
  2. Breathless Beauty
  3. A Storm Moves Through
  4. Recalling a Bygone Time
  5. No More Smoke Filled Rooms
  6. Something There in the Waters
  7. Empty Thoughts
  8. Facing the Sea Creature
  9. The Sad Truth That I Know
  10. A Wake to Forget
  11. The Fifth Stage
  12. Secrets in the Hidden Chamber
  13. A Battle of Ghosts
  14. Double Contour
  15. From Generation to Generation
  16. Souvenir
  17. The Crystal of Elizabeth
  18. The Esoteric Arts
  19. The Castle Walls Speak

I was trying to force myself to write like I was 90-100 years back in the past, and somewhere that in no way resembled the present day. I wanted to really bring out an old fashioned, sentimental sound in these instrumental songs. Originally released under the artist name “Secret Nightshade” in October of 2016.

released October 9, 2016