Creatures of the Attic (2012)

Track List:

  1. Attack of the Creatures
  2. The Devil’s Notes
  3. Let Sleeping Creatures Lie
  4. The Mangler
  5. Little Creatures
  6. The Insane Asylum
  7. At the End of Summer
  8. Creatures Wait in the Dark
  9. Don’t Play the Devil’s Notes
  10. Play Random Notes Instead
  11. One Last Sour Note

In April 2010 my good friend experienced a tragedy with the death of his parents! His dad finally snapped, shooting his mother before turning the gun on himself! A few months later, I setup shop in the same house and proceeded to record this album! It’s not as sick as it sounds as I was there to keep my friend company.

Inspired by the King Crimson projekct series of live improvisational recordings. This was recorded the same way by improvising, or going with “on the fly” compositions and branching out from that… This was the first album to feature the Digitech Genesis 3 pedal which helped in creating those droning guitar soundscapes.

released October 15, 2012