Ice Age (2003)

Track List:

  1. A Castle Made of Ice
  2. Lost Night
  3. Haunting
  4. Softporn
  5. Divided
  6. Ice Age
  7. Snowblind
  8. Forbidden
  9. Flesheater
  10. Dreaming
  11. Concrete Man (bonus track)
  12. Lost Night – Brady Demo Vocals

This album started at the least likely of times in the least likely of places; In the middle of summer in a tropical location! I’m a creature of the cold so I think this was my way of rebelling against the current climate / conditions! Basic outlining demos were started on the 4th of July 2002. These sessions produced the songs: Castle Made of Ice, and Ice Age. Once these songs appeared, I knew they would go on to become an album called Ice Age with a Winter theme. I intentionally put a stop to doing more demos in order to finish the sessions for the original Anti-Human LP which was still very much in the process of being recorded….

By December of 2002 I had finished and released the original Anti-Human and moved back to Ohio. I wasted no time developing the rest of the songs for Ice Age on the Music Generator for the original PlayStation. In January 2003, I bought another Korg D12 recorder, a Casio CTK 611 workstation keyboard, a Roland S10 sampler keyboard with discs, and an EV microphone. I decided to go with the cheap sounding drum and bass tracks which were already developed for the demo versions which was the first mistake of many for this album. At the time they sounded so great importing them into the D12 from the music generator…

Writing and recording was already mostly finished by the end of March, and a slow mix and mastering was undertaken through April and May. In May the song “Dreaming” landed with such an urgency that it needed to be recorded and somehow inserted into the already finished project! I wrote and recorded the bulk of the song in just one day as I didn’t want to run past the deadline that I had already set.

Some time around the recording, I was walking to work when I found a polaroid on the ground. The picture was of the snow covered woods which I decided to use in the album cover. Later I would photoshop one the pictures of me from the promo photo session (over the original polaroid image) in order to complete the cover. Promo photos were taken in May 2003 after completely finishing the album.

The album wasn’t released until December of 2003 because I wanted to make time to promote it properly. I decided to use the indie bible as a directory for album reviewers / bloggers, but ran out of steam only after sending out a few CDs… Yes at this time CDs were still the main music medium, but things were starting to get a bit better for selling MP3 downloads. I believe I was selling MP3 downloads at the time through a few places like CDstreet.

This would be the first album where music videos were shot and edited as another form of promotion. Music videos were shot for Haunting, Softporn, and Forbidden. All videos were shot and edited in October / November of 2003. In October of 2003 I bought my first real computer designed for video editing. I quickly learned Ulead Video Studio, and Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 in order to achieve all the desired video effects. This was one of my favorite times ever!

released December 31, 2003