Inner Turmoil (2004)

Track List:

  1. Trying to Leave
  2. Inner Turmoil
  3. Travels
  4. Recurring Dreams
  5. Lovestale
  6. Recurring Dreams
  7. The Past
  8. Eight Years
  9. Autumn Comes
  10. Inner Turmoil
  11. Recurring Dreams
  12. Stori (keep it down)
  13. Spirit of the Ocean
  14. The Final Dream
  15. Trying to Leave – Instrumental Version
  16. Lovestale – Early Instrumental Version
  17. Autumn Comes – Instrumental Version
  18. Stori – Instrumental Version

I took the better part of a year off from May 2003 to April of 2004 not working on much of anything new outside of learning video editing and fine tuning my website. The first rumblings of Inner Turmoil started in April 2004 when my hand automatically hit “those notes” on the keyboard… Immediately I did a rough demo of The Final Dream, and had a vision of doing an album that spirals inward towards this final track.

I wasn’t completely on board with making a new album until 5-6 weeks later towards the end of May, after “Trying to Leave” came through. Like many albums where I commit only after a couple of songs, the going was not so easy at first. Stylistically, I felt I was all over the place and because of this I would keep removing and re-adding songs to the setlist.

This was also an interesting period in the technical department as there was sort of an overlapping of old and new recording methods. By this time I had started using DAW software on computers to produce the songs, but I would still do the live instrument overdubs on the Korg D16. Once I felt all the takes were good I would transfer everything into the DAW for the final editing and mixing. Inner Turmoil was the only album recorded in this manner.

Recording would continue through the Summer and Fall until early December of 2004 when I made the last overdub. After that it was onto mixing and mastering to try to meet the release date of January 18th 2005, which I had already announced two months prior. Surprise! Just as I was finishing the mastering, the song “Stori” landed with the kind of urgency that demanded seeing it through. It wasn’t too hard fitting it into the setlist as the song it was replacing, I wasn’t totally sure about.

Once again the release day came and went without a whimper, but nonetheless I was still optimistic around this time, always finding new ways to promote myself. Nothing would pan out as usual, but at least at this time my soul still hadn’t yet been crushed…

released January 18, 2005