Late Night Faith (2017)

Track List:

  1. The Smoldering Remains of the Fire
  2. Late Night Faith
  3. New Familiar Sensation
  4. Second Secret
  5. Nothing in the Attic
  6. Pleasant Dreams
  7. Thaw, Refreeze, and Repeat
  8. Entry of the Elites
  9. Me And My Disaster
  10. Last Night’s Faith
  11. Mysterious Nightmare
  12. Atomic Clock
  13. Wooden Beauty
  14. Sanity Soldiers
  15. Life Without Lineage
  16. The Rules Of Passion
  17. Life in a Box
  18. Secret Connection
  19. Red Formal
  20. Selfish Mind
  21. Broken Vixen
  22. Forgotten Virtue
  23. Respect Your Sin
  24. Dysfunctional Seduction
  25. Waiting at the Station
  26. It’s Been a While
  27. Chamber of Antiquities
  28. Two Patient Eyes
  29. Trading In My Initiation
  30. Cold Irritation

A series of shorter compositions voiced with basic GM style instruments for a video game soundtrack feel. Most songs were written on the eve of my 40th birthday with the intent to have a “fear of death” theme throughout. The title and cover both stem from panic episodes waking up in the middle of the night over no actual real heath problems! Only a root fear of death and getting older seemed to be the cause… Late night faith was like my key phrase in helping to calm down from these episodes… Originally released under the artist name “Vik Grandersen” in March of 2017.

released February 28, 2017