Life in a Neon Town (2016)

Track List:

  1. Forever Heartbroken
  2. Churning Fever Dreams
  3. Grey Clouds Swirling Round
  4. Real Danger From Above
  5. Running Really Fast
  6. Seeking a Hiding Spot
  7. Can't Get Away
  8. Gotta Sleep Some Time
  9. Kill Them With Cuteness
  10. Cruising in Overdrive
  11. Finding Steady Ground
  12. Finally Goodnight
  13. The Orb of Many Colors
  14. Aim For the Heart
  15. Boring Old Town
  16. Stirring Up Trouble
  17. Familiar Roads Traveled
  18. In the Final Act
  19. Trouble on the Open Waters
  20. Smoldering Fever Dream
  21. Dying Commotion

Another experiment in reworking prerecorded tracks into completely new songs. Originally released under the artist name “Neon Town” in late July of 2016.

released July 28, 2016