Lyrics – A Heart of Stone

Darkness takes control…
It closes in and takes my soul.
So misunderstood and confused.
My angel does not know what I write.
It does not matter anyway goodbye!

Blue is falling round and silence makes a sound.
The sky is underground, but it doesn’t matter what I say!

Songs of sorrow no one thinks is real.
I’d really like to show you just how I feel.
Waiting for my own time to come.

Frozen is my heart, you’d have to claw through.
The personality I own was feared into shape.
Don’t know how to make this change, nothing I can do.
The only thoughts I come back to are the ones of escape.

No one there to give me faith.
Cannot break the way I was raised.
Is someone there to see me through?
I guess it’s too much to ask from you!

If there was a way I could turn my back on it all.
Happiness would surely come!
I would never forget the cause.

This heart of stone!
It’s frozen to the bone!
Cannot change what’s been done!
Living life on the run!
From the start it was only me!
And all the ones who couldn’t see!
Locked me up! Never free!
Don’t believe in me!
I don’t believe in me!