Lyrics – Are You Coming Back?

There’s no way to forget,
unless I want to lose my mind.
Why can’t I just leave
all these endless dreams behind?
Just to see you again,
that old feeling hits one more time.
When will I ever find
the piece of mind in this life?

Are you coming back to what is now your past?
You got a way with me, and the feeling will always last.

There’s no way to forget,
how you came into my life.
But I’ve gotta be strong,
oh I must carry on this time.

If I were to change my way
would you ever be with me?
Or is it something that is never meant to be?
Don’t want to change your mind
if you’re already set in your ways.
Are you coming back for sure
cos I think of you everyday.

I hear A familiar voice and I start to look her way.
I wanted to see if it was you but I was too afraid.

Because I don’t want to be in your way
from the way before that you dealt with me.
It is for you to decide, oh and that’s the way it all should be.

Are you coming back (etc.)

There’s no way to forget how you came (etc.)

If I were (etc.)

There is no way to forget unless (etc.)

If I were (etc.)
Cause it’s only you that I really want to see.