Lyrics – Dark Dreams

In the darker dreams, the ocean moon beams.
Remembering a time not so long ago it seems.
Forever our lives had changed and the promise it came.
The dreams turned cold and the darkness remained.

In my mind I’m home again, back in time.
The sand and sea glisten in the light.
The past is not forgotten, it will all remain.
The darker dream relives the stormy weather of change.

In my mind I’m home again back in time.
When you’re by the seaside, wonder what you’ll find calling you.
Listen loud, calling through, listen now.

The never ending desire to find it: the final piece of mind.
In a dream you try to find it: the final piece of mind.

What are you going to do if it grows much too late?
Will I ever see it again? Will it be my fate?
I don’t want to die where the cold winds blow.
Still I run against all the things that I should know.

Can you help me? I’m shouting through the darkness.
It all feels so good but I don’t feel it with my heart.

Keep on searching through the corridors of the dream.
Always the same brokenness, doesn’t end it seems.
The never ending (etc.)