Lyrics – Early Autumn

I found you again on early autumn day.
You’re returning and you just won’t go away.
I just had to see what’s become of your life.
I just had to see by the end of this night.

Cos I feel I cannot move ahead.
Until I beg forgiveness.
The silence is breaking up my head,
I only want to end this…..crazy dream.

Should I just stay away from you for good?
I know where you live, but I don’t know if I should.
Maybe I should leave it up to fate.
But for the longest time they held you away.

Cos I feel the time may be drawing near.
It’s time to make amends….
All I want is to end this fear,
Strange may never see you again….

I’d take it all back if I could, but what is done is done.
I’d call you if I thought you’d listen and never turn to run.
These traces of you in my life always reminding me
of a time, you could have been mine, but now it’s all behind me!
All you are is a ghost to me, is it you or me that won’t set me free???

All you are is a ghost to me….
Is it you or is it me? That won’t set me free.