Lyrics – End Times

In the fields of your mind where you learn to fly.
Let the dreams come to you, you may be lost in time.
Searching for your spirit side, the one who holds the key.
Let go of the material world, it only sets you free.

The sea of changing times brings the dream to your life.
The past foretells the future as day turns to night.

So you gain control again only to find
the problems that come to you are only in your mind.
you’re the one that makes your pain, it’s all in what you see.
Getting back to the surface again, it’s time to be set free.

The darker dream to all of us is a storm ready to leave.
In your mind a safer world, this picture you must conceive.

So you live another day to watch the world turn.
Do you want to do this again? this lesson we must learn.
So you burn with pain inside, well I’m the same as you.
A clearer state of mind in time will only pull you through.