Lyrics – Haunting

I’m flying over top a darkened city scene.
My life feels better when I’m deep inside a dream.
I am the haunting that you feel inside your room.
I feel the coldness and I know I’m going soon.

I’m spilling blood trying to keep inside the game.
Waited so many years, never to see the change!
Shouting to the skies, asking to be free.
Wondering if the life I want is never to be.

I’m shaken… Mistaken…
Wondering where my life will be taken.
I’m breaking… Don’t wake me…
Forever I will go to sleep.

I always keep a picture deep inside my mind.
A thought of the way that I want to live my life.
But it is not that way in this cold reality.
Shattered dreams of all those things never meant to be!

Please end it! Say it’s over…
This world is always growing colder.
You tell me you’ll help me.
Will I make it through? Wait and see!