Lyrics – Michelle

By the time you hear these words
I will be out of your life.
I can’t escape these thoughts of you
when I lay me down at night.
In my dreams you’re always there.
It feels so real, the love we share.

In the real life you’re longing for
a chance to go back through that door.
To the one that loved you in your past.
you keep hope alive but it’s fading fast.
I know that we’re not meant to be.
It’s something I am learning to see, learning to see.

I try to run away from this place,
and these feelings made of steel.
Because I know we won’t take the time
to make these dreams turn real.
But it’s only me, I didn’t know they had told you.
I should have been more discrete,
and now I don’t know what to do.

It’s always the same, I see you again,
nothing will be done.
I try to go about my day,
but it’s already begun.
I wish I could stay out of view,
don’t want to be seen by you.

Cannot control these feelings of mine
when you’re always in my sight.
Can’t contain the longing I have
when you’re always there at night.
Do not want to dream of you
when there’s nothing I can do.

I try to run (etc.)

Oh it’s just me, I didn’t know you were just playing.
I cannot believe all those things I was just saying.
Now I’m stuck in this environment,
Swimming in a pool of embarrassment.
This awkwardness of facing you.
Can’t escape don’t know what to do.

But it’s only me, I’m strange so it seems.
Well the last thing I want to say is stay out of my dreams.

By the time (etc.)