Lyrics – Multicomplexidelirium

Oh I won’t go back again, they nearly drove me insane.
And I say it is a sin, when I think of you I feel the pain.
Oh the way you try to live is so Beverly untrue.
You have nothing good to give to the world with what you do.

You’re always chasing love from the ones who hold the change.
And in return they kick you down, laughing in your face.
You change your look and slide on to the very next door.
You say you’ve had enough, why are you asking for more?

In the line of fire of a broken life?
I ask myself why do you live such a broken life?
Lay down your eyes are heavy as you fall asleep.

Getting burnt by the heat
as your home becomes the street.
Was it worth the things you had to lose?
Did he let you have the chance to choose?

Should I come running just help you through?
There is a life that is waiting there for you.
You’ll see much better on the other side.
Cause you can only try this time

When will you get restless of this broken life?
On the street just staying high in this broken life.

Lay down (etc.)
I knew every secret that you tried to keep.