Lyrics – This Far Gone

First thing I know is that I woke up in pain.
My arm was twisted, and a little insane.
I tried to go where they could make it right.
but little did I know that they would be blowing my mind.
There was a bit of panic and a lot of pain.
But then they blew a hole right through my brain.
I was supposed to be out, but I was all too awake.
In some sort of alternate dimension state.  I was…

This….  Far….  Gone….
Don’t wanna be this far gone…
Hey hey hey

And for a flash I knew nothing at all.
I woke up to find I was inside of the wall
looking back at myself lying there.
Something isn’t right, and I’m getting scared.
Further down the hole they were waiting for me.
This other place that they wanted me to see.
Just when I thought I was hip to the condition.
A doorway opened to another dimension. I was…

This….  Far….  Gone….
Don’t wanna be this far gone…
This….  Far….  Gone….
This….  Far….  I don’t know how much more I can take!

And now they’re smashing me down to a pulp.
I’m vacuumed through a tube after I dissolve.
I have no hands and feet, and I can’t find my head.
Suddenly I realize that I might be dead.
I kick and scream through the vortex of time.
I feel them holding me as I twist and writhe.
Panic and fear takes hold as I fall
If I don’t have me I don’t have anything at all.  I was…

This….  Far….  Gone….
Don’t wanna be this far gone…
[This]  I want to awake  [Far]  now  [Gone]  ooh…