Lyrics – Under a Cloudy Spell

Weighing these facts of my head
while awaking on a padded bed.
My vision has grown quite cloudy,
and I can’t tell if I’m dead.
A glance to the corner of the room,
what is it that you see?
A snake that’s curled in a circle
biting it’s tail till it bleeds.
A bright figure in red appears
to the right of the snake still there.
He says that’s you in the circle,
and he vanishes without a care.
My vision it starts to rise….
“Nurse do I see you over there?!?!”
I still can’t make out the shapes in the room
if you happen to notice my stare……

Stay away! You don’t want near me!
If you knew, you probably would fear me!
Where I stand, the ground is shaky.
It falls through, you don’t want to come with me.
All this time in capture from it,
because of the way they done it.
I’m confused inside of a circle maze.
I slide on the ground, I must be a snake!!!

Beware the contents in my head
may shift if you can catch my drift.
I might keep sane on the outside, b
but I’m dead, dying on the inside.
It’s a test of strength to overcome,
all this hurt to be undone
But I don’t want to join the game.
Last time I played it made me go insane!!!!

Are you trying to come and get me?!?!?!
I know they’re out to find me!!!