Lyrics – Zounds (of anger and surprise)

Your figure shines through the fence.
Your finger signals my defense.
Next time I will know what to do.
Stay the hell away from you!
Get the hell away!

Was not trying to intrude.
Was not trying to be rude.
All these words just start a flying.
All these feelings feel them dying!

Won’t be put through this anymore!
I’m putting the weight in front of your door!
I’m giving away all my dreams inside!
Finding one more place that I can hide!

No more playing foolish games!
No more waiting in the rain!
This time let’s play for keeps!
Frozen sea it runs so deep.

What makes this a heart of stone?
Cold and tired and frozen to the bone.

Not gonna take this anymore!
Walk right through the door!
When their eyes try to meet mine.
I’m gonna run away every time!