My Technical Evolution

1993 to 1996: Four track mixed to cassette tape.

1996 to 1997: Cassette masters were transferred to minidisc.

1997 to 1998: 4-Track cassette mixed direct to minidisc.

1998 to 1999: Sound on sound minidisc loop.

1998 to 1999: Minidisc masters were transferred to CDR.

1999 to 2000: Digital 4-track mixed direct to CDR.

2000 to 2001: Digital 16 track mixed direct to CDR.

2002 to 2003: Digital 12 track mixed direct to CDR.

2004 to 2005: Digital 16 track and computer based DAW recording mixed to CDR? Yes, for one album (Inner Turmoil) there was a strange overlapping of old and new (as well as the song Without).

2005 to Present: Computer based recording with a Digital Audio Workstation program.