Remixed, Reworked, Reimagined Plus (2021)

Track List:

  1. Made up Your Mind
  2. Runway
  3. Introspective
  4. The Game is Not Over
  5. Back Into the Fray
  6. I’m Cold
  7. AhH
  8. Depression Days
  9. After a Long Drought
  10. Time
  11. Psychedelic Elevator Ride
  12. Back in Time
  13. AhD
  14. Taking Deep Breaths
  15. Vampire
  16. Leaving the World Behind
  17. One From the Sea
  18. After the Storm
  19. Broken
  20. Love on a Train
  21. The Maze
  22. A Dream of Olga
  23. Drifting to Another Shore
  24. Broken Too
  25. Endless Possibilities
  26. Still Broken

A collection of remixed, reworked, reimagined tunes plus other reject tracks to boot! This was started in the spring of 2015 on an impulse, which lead to creating a whole album of tunes… Initially I released it as an LP called “The Fear of Hole Clusters” under the artist name “Lotus Pod Skin” in the spring of 2015.

Tracks 18, 19, 20, 24, and 26 were leftovers from the Existence LP recorded in 2016.

Tracks 16, and 17 were produced in December of 2015 and initially released under the artist name Chaos X.

Tracks 8, and 14 were produced in April of 2016 and initially released under the artist name Lotus Pod Skin (album title: TBD)

released January 22, 2021