Street Grid Encoding (2016)

Track List:

  1. Street Grid Encoding
  2. Red Squares on a Grey Background
  3. Shootin the Breeze
  4. Binary Phenomenon
  5. We Meet Again
  6. Rosa Cushion
  7. Shrouded Forever
  8. Erupting Reverie
  9. Titles of Nobility and Honor
  10. 51 Degrees
  11. Triumphant Sheep
  12. Driving Through the Rain
  13. Adventurous Excogitation
  14. Blue Skies and Green Fields
  15. Angry Sisters
  16. Silent Shapes in the Rain
  17. Marching Farewell

This is another one of those lead ups to the Existence album where certain styles of writing and production were still being experimented with. Originally released under the artist name “Vector 33” in late March of 2016.

released March 26, 2016