The 90s Tapes – Volume 2 (1997)

Track List:

  1. Grey Skies
  2. March
  3. White
  4. Escape
  5. Five Eight
  6. Aftermath
  7. Northern Winds
  8. Legend
  9. Photos and Images
  10. To Travel
  11. Move On
  12. Opposite Shore
  13. Take a Splash
  14. Dreams
  15. Innocence
  16. Red Roads
  17. Substance

A collection of my best songs that survived through the 90s. All songs in this volume were recorded from January 1996 to December of 1997 on 4-track analog tape.

Notes / Recollections: My solo career actually started in 1992, but those early recordings were lost thanks to someone borrowing, and losing the tapes! As a result what became the first album “Psychotrax (1993)” was changed from what had been planned into something that more resembled those first recordings from a year earlier. Unfortunately most of that album also no longer exists like a lot of my recordings from the 90s!

In the 90s we still had to record things to physical media like tape / minidisc / CDR so it was possible to lose these things, especially when you’re getting high everyday like me! You couldn’t just backup something on a cloud like you cool kids do in present day. In all, I would say I lost 8-9 full albums worth of recordings! Because of this, most of this series is actually 2nd and 3rd generation tape copies retrieved from family and friends!

On the other hand, some of the sound quality is actually good! This is because back then things were mixed to digital (minidisc) masters as early as 1997. Eventually those minidiscs were directly transferred to CDR, and then once again transferred to WAV files for modern safe keeping.
released December 31, 1997