Turn of the Tides (2006)

Track List:

  1. Towards
  2. Turn of the Tides
  3. Cave of Creation
  4. Without
  5. Zone Shift
  6. Inter Coastal Waterway
  7. Chasing Down My Past
  8. Secret Window
  9. Cave of Knowledge
  10. Chasing Down the Future
  11. Towards Reprise
  12. Secret Doorway

2005: Not the best of times, which as a result produced not the best of albums in my opinion. This album started right on the heals of Inner Turmoil in March of 2005 with the writing and recording of the song Without. The following month I gambled with a major job change, and relocated down to Florida which ended up backfiring! As a result I was left selling most of my worldly possessions just to stay afloat!

Despite all the negative happenings, I still found time to record songs as a way to vent the frustration. Of course it’s not always convenient or comfortable trying to do this while you’re couch surfing, and looking for a place to live! In some situations I was literally reduced to recording vocals outside in the middle of a field!!! At least digital technology had advanced enough at this time to allow for that…

A couple months after burning enough bridges in Florida I high tailed it back to Ohio where I would do more couch surfing, in addition to some brief homelessness. By early 2006 I was able to get things back on track enough to finish the album by the end of February. The final album was cut to just half it’s original size due to songs not being fully finished / taking too long. In the end I feel like there was somewhat of a cohesive theme on the final form that I landed on.

I don’t really remember setting a release date for this… I believe that this album didn’t initially see the light of day because 2006 would have been the first time that I closed up shop, and tried to pivot to something different. Oh bozhe! You see, in 2006 there was sort of a battle between light and dark that started for me… I had these two different albums under two different artist names which were both fighting for my attention! One was really dark going by the artist name Phantom Living, and one was really light going by the artist name Spirit Switchboard!

Finally you are being let into the innerworkings! Enter at your own risk! Basically this battle between light and dark would continue for the next few years which resulted in not much of anything getting done simply because they kept cancelling each other out!!! Projects just couldn’t get done in the time that it took for the pendulum to swing the other way! The ups and downs of being a Gemini I guess….

Anyway, in the Summer of 2007 Turn of the Tides was finally released during one of those short lived times where the normal solo project was up and running. Once again it didn’t sell despite the fact that I packaged it with a discounted full MP3 box set. Maybe the lack of sales could be blamed on the instability, who knows…It’s not like things really improved once I started staying on the scene for longer stretches… Yep, still salty…

released February 28, 2006