Wacky Space Time Action Adventures (2015)

Track List:

  1. Space Can be Confusing and Disorienting
  2. Test Driving The New Space Time Ship
  3. The Stowaway Must Be Jettisoned
  4. War Battle in Space
  5. A Space Romance That Could Never Be
  6. Goodbyes are Never Easy Especially in Space
  7. Bombarded by Black Midi Asteroids
  8. Constant Ascension
  9. Cruise Control
  10. Cosmic Noise
  11. Heavy Turbulence
  12. Welcome to the Mall of Space Time
  13. Boarding the SS Anthony Phillips
  14. Exploring the Remains of a Dead Planet
  15. Dead Planet Escape Pod Survivors
  16. Flying Blind

An instrumental album made with themes of space travel in mind. Originally released under the Jauj Xizu artist name January 2015.

released January 9, 2015