You Weren’t Listening Anyway! (2015)

Track List:

  1. We Will Fudge With Your Mind
  2. Told You So
  3. Paper Rock Scissors
  4. A Special Announcement From Phillip Moretime
  5. An Alien Made Love to My Girl
  6. I Can Not Be Hurt
  7. The Morning After
  8. Time Money City People Running By
  9. You Will Get What You Deserve
  10. The Last Words You'll Ever Hear
  11. Rewiring Your Mind
  12. Jump Scare
  13. The Song That Cannot Be Played Backwards
  14. Let's Try Acapella
  15. From the Stars
  16. As Safe as Houses
  17. Owwww That Really Hurt Me
  18. This is Not a Reprise

An album which was made to mock the current sad state of commercial music. You can make anything marketable with the right bells and whistles. Originally released under the artist name “Jauj Xizu” in January of 2015.

released January 27, 2015